Men with hope to bring 
A feature-length documentary on the Religious Brothers / Monks in the Catholic Church, 
who are mostly overlooked in church life.  
Filmed in Ghana, India, Brazil, Bangladesh  and the United States in collaboration with students at the college, the documentary explores the lives of men who profess and live the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience to serve others in their various unique ministries.

BRO Official Trailer 1

BRO Official Trailer 2

A scene from Ghana, focusing on the Vow of Poverty.  The Consecrated Vow of Poverty is explained by Brother Augustus as he describes his love for Fufu, which is a Ghanaian staple. 
The Judge, Lawyer and Brother

A short scene from the feature-length documentary, BRO Men with Hope to Bring.  This is a different kind of BRO code; the documentary shows the life of Religious Brothers in the Catholic Church.  Brother William, a lawyer and court judge in a small city in Texas, went to Harvard Law to help the underprivileged while also living the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as a consecrated religious brother.
This is a snippet of his story.

BRO Francis in Detroit, Michigan
The story of Brother Francis Boylan, CSC, a Holy Cross Brother who works with the homeless, orphans and the poor in Michigan.
Music by The Recycling Police
Score by Matt Wheeler and Kevin Klowitter
Why are the Religious Brothers in the Catholic Church diminishing in numbers?