Ontology of media film series
Database Narratives and cinematic reflections on our relationship with the media and the world, sifting through the meaning of each grain or pixel that we interact and create in our lives. 
A series of thought-provoking short films that question the nature of being of these pixels captured through our lenses.​​​​​​​
Ten years of memories in 12 countries merged in a 6-minute visual essay can never truly define our true selves. With the years of acquiring terabytes of information through our lenses, let us ask these questions:

"Will they last?"
"Are these memories synthetic truth when merging them together in the movies we create about our journey?"
"And who are we in this digital overload of information?"

"And amid the media overload, defined by the likes and view counts, from your reels and viral tiktoks, who are you?"
 "Fragments" is a visual essay on the idea of self captured through the lens through the memories embedded in the film grains and pixels. 
Narrated by  Professor James Heft, Ph.D
a film by Nich L. Perez

Fragments is featured on the Institute for  Experimental Arts 

A love letter to a mother who died of cancer, from her son who followed her footsteps as a teacher.  


"Grief" in Asian communities and cultures is usually never talked about.  But despite being taboo, often it is somaticized or converted into physical symptoms, like fatigue or depression.  Writing this letter and making it into a film has become a healing process that has been shared with many to help them address their mental health properly as they honor the memory of the loved one they have lost.
There is an art to this transformation and often is a grueling process.  But as one uses her or his creativity, it allows them to uncover some insights about themselves, their art form, their culture, and an entirely unique appreciation for life.
This documentary is part of a series of different stories from different people who continue to create these transformations to heal.  
May our stories bring you comfort and your own transformations.
additional camera:
Doug Thomas, Joey Perez and Bahui 'Becky' Chen
Song: "Ili Ili Tulog Anay"
Performed by MVibe
Soprano - Shasha Clemente
Mezzo-Soprano - Sundrea Rubio
Alto - Royce Roces
Tenor - Clifford Oabel
Tenor - Jake Gates Ricablanca
Baritone - Roni Tamondong
Bass - John Lenard Casiño
Arranged, produced, and mixed by Jake Gates Ricablanca
Fair Use
"The 400 Blows"
by François Trauffaut (1959)  

(c) 2021   Nich L Perez

A philosophical reflection on social media as Plato's digital cave, based on Susan Sontag's "On Photography," 1977.
With the wonderful, Chelsea Sik.