Graduate Internship Portfolio:  HC CRIBS
Hadiyyah Blake
Graduate Intern from Valparaiso University
Spring of 2015
Hadiyyah was doing her Masters of Science in Communications and Multimedia at Valparaiso University when she was doing her internship at the studio.  Her task as a production manager at the Studio was to create multimedia projects for the marketing department at Holy Cross College.  HC Cribs was one of these projects.
MTV popularized the idea of showing celebrity houses, exploring the beauty and uniqueness of their homes.  This is what we need as we highlight the campus life at a small liberal arts college.”
Motion Graphics Project by Jeff Kyle

Selected Student In-class Projects
Students, in groups or individually, were required to design, shoot, and edit a short film using only the music provided as the basis of its narrative.  They are required to prepare a preproduction outline that forms the concept and the production plan to execute the idea before  principal photography.  Using a camera that is  available to them (smartphone, GoPro, DSLR, etc.), students are tasked to create the narrative of their piece basing on the tone, beat, and emotion of the music.  All elements of cinematography, including movement and mise en scéne, and post-production elements, such as sound design and editing, must be considered to achieve its desired meaning and story. 


Sound Film:  The Boxer

Natalie Treadwell

Film as Art and Communication, Fall 2015

“This short film was composed in the Fall of 2015 while I trained for the Baraka Bouts Women's Boxing tournament at Notre Dame. I wrote the monologue and filmed myself practicing before the fight, which I lost by split decision.  The score in this piece sets the tone for the intensity of the process, and the closeups were meant to create how trapped one can be inside the boxing ring.   It was meant to make the audiences feel that I was fighting them.  In retrospect, however, I am boxing against my ego.”

HC Media Studio Internship Project
The primary function of the HC Media Studio was to create media projects for the digital identity of the college, by creating effective short media projects to still photography.
Students are immersed in various media programs and equipment as they apply these skills in the projects that they create during the semester.  From cinematography and digital still photography, interns chose which specific craft they wanted to immerse themselves, letting them tell the best stories that they are interested in.
At the end of the semester, a digital portfolio is turned in with a lineup of short films and photographs created.  
Global Engagement:  Peru.  An Internship Project by Emily Wack
Capturing Hope
by Isamar Sorcia, 2015
A collaboration between students from Holy Cross Agartala in India, and students Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, IN.
Welcome Home, Saints!
by Isamar Sorcia, 2015
Undergraduate Internship Project:  “The Professor of Rock”
Audrey Lee
Studio Intern, Spring 2013
“Professor Don Savoie is one of my favorite professors at Holy Cross.  He is known in South Bend as ‘the Professor of Rock.’  This short documentary about his music is a wonderful exploration of why he continues to live with the strings and be invigorated by his students.  This was a fun internship project.” 

Undergraduate Internship Project:

  “HoCro’s 6 Reasons Why It is Cool to Live in South Bend”​​​​​​​

Emily Wack

Studio Intern, Spring 2014

"Global Perspectives:  India"
Reflections from the Global Perspectives Class led by Dr. Dianne Barlas
Collaborative Projects
Creative Projects done in collaboration of students from music videos to short films.

Collaborative Projects:  “Reflections From India”
Audrey Lee and Laszlo Hunyadi
Studio Interns, Spring 2013
December of 2012, Holy Cross students went to the southern part of India for their Global Experience Program.  They were asked to write about their epiphanies on this trip, on divine moments they have experienced, and the relationships they have built.  
"India" Written and performed by Khiry Hollowell and Katherine Howard.
Strings:  Shawn Tallet and Nich CSC
Color and Motion Graphics by Jeff Kyle
ROCKS ROCK (Dub Step Style)
Edited by Jeff Kyle and Filmed by Maureen McDonald
by Maureen McDonald, 2013
Marketing Project:   "International Students"
Intern:  Jacob Chartrand, 2013
Marketing Project:  "The Annual Fund for Holy Cross College"
Intern:  Isamar Sorcia
A short film reflection on Albert Einstein's insight on happiness: "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."  These snippets are filmed from the south and northeast India, in the Cape Coast in Ghana,  around the United States from New York, Detroit, Chicago to Austin, Texas, from the north and south of Brazil, and the Philippines.  
Camera:  Isamar Sorcia / Kiefer Szumlas            Producer:  Dr. Dianne Barlas, D.Min.           Music:  Matt Slomski
"HC is the Place to Be" is the first Official Music Video of the college -  written, recorded, produced, filmed, and edited by students.
The first official music video of the college was done in collaboration with students.
Cinematography / Sound / Production:
Jeffrey Kyle and Paul O'Hannigan
Music Written by Khiry-Jurell Hollowell, Rodrigue Patrick Owona, and Dia Blake.
Vocals:  Khiry Hollowell, Patrick Owona, Dia Blake
Trumpet:  Khiry Hollowell   Piano:  Karam Salem    Guitar:  Nich Perez     Lead Guitar:  Shawn Tallet
Music Editor and Arrangement:  Jeff Kyle
 Five intersecting stories based on the poetry of Pablo Neruda are creatively tied together in an experimental mixed format of projected film and live theater.  
As the final output of the Film and Theater Practicum course, the screenplays were written by Media Scriptwriting students the prior semester, and filmed during the Spring semester in preparation for the final performance.
This creative production was done in collaboration with students, staff, and faculty.
And two of the short films from the line up were also selected in film festivals.


A film and a theatrical spectacle combined into one Shakespearean - Tarantinoesque production.  In collaboration with the Pickapart Improv Group.   A Final Class Project for the Film and Theater Practicum.
At the beginning of the semester, students were asked to audition, and specific roles were given during improv exercises.  As the student actors play out scenes, they were recorded to be written as a stage play and screenplay, and ultimately rehearsed, filmed, and performed live with projected short films as flashbacks and scenes in between acts.  The outcome was a hilarious and fun dark comedy and a love story.  
"Where the heck is Dicky?"  Teaser
Directed by Nich Perez and Dave Kempher
in cooperation with the PickApart Improv Group
Written for the stage by Nich L. Perez based on the theatrical improvisations of the CAST
Screenplay by screenwriting student, Jack Doyle, Class of 2015.
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