LETTERS: The Art of Grieving is an epistolary documentary about the powerful transformations of grief into art.    
As an intimate cinematic meditation on the art that intertwines with the lives of three women: a poet and fiber artist who lost her husband to Alzheimer's disease, an artist whose 9-week-old son died unexpectedly, and a young painter who lost her mother to brain cancer, the film explores their work as letters for the ones they have lost. 

LETTERS:  The Art of Grieving Trailer


Natalie Treadwell, an oil painter, lost her mother to brain cancer.  She transforms her grief by painting what killed her mother - the brain tumor.

(Click the picture to visit her website.)

ALEXIS ROBERTS KIENER   is an artist, an ePatient, and a mentor for the bereaved.  She lost her 9-week old son unexpectedly. As an artist and a grieving mother, she was able to create art in a "punk rock" sort of way, by drawing and painting with the use of Octopus Ink and in black and white.  One of her most powerful pieces is her baby's memory box, which contains some of her most poignant paintings.  Alexis continues to reach out to other families who are recently bereaved, online and through the community made possible by the group she created called the                    "Dead Baby Club."  (Click her picture to visit her website.)

JOAN SCHULZE is 82 years old.  She was awarded by the Fresno Art Museum as the 2017 Distinguished Woman Artist.  Her work varies from fiber art to poetry, and among her greatest accomplishments are her 4 children and 14 grandchildren.  Recently, Joan embraced the grief of losing her husband, Jim, after his long battle with Alzheimer's disease.  (Click her picture to visit her website.)

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