A 3-minute trailer version of a sequence of Shawn Tallet, a talented guitarist who currently resides in Austin, Texas.  This is a quick exploration of his creativity and his battle with Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorder.   'LETTERS: transformations' is a poetic documentary about the powerful transformations of mental illness into creative joy.  

This is part of intimate cinematic meditations of the intertwining lives of unique individuals who struggle with mental illness as they discover the power of creativity in their journey of self-discovery.

André House of Arizona:  The Haircut

M35 BUS (Coalition for the Homeless)

The Clients of the several homeless shelters of Wards Island in the borough of Manhattan speak up. 
They are asking for a better and free transportation system to improve their lives as they work in the City.                                 

This problem is a small part of a bigger issue.  An Official Selection of the (In)Justice For All Film Festival.


One of the few short documentaries we made for  André House of Arizona, a soup kitchen that feeds 400 to 700 unsheltered guests every day prepared by volunteers.

This is a short glimpse to homelessness and how a few people make a difference in the lives of many.

Darlene, a guest at André House, and I had this intimate conversation. I had to stop myself from crying, realizing that my own pain does not compare to their many struggles.

I am honored to tell her story.

Remote-Project for The Peaceful Project and Saving Jane



An innovative and inspiring program – Embracing You: A Foundational Road Map to Lasting Confidence – has been born through the collaboration of The Peaceful Project and Saving Jane.   Embracing You was created specifically for human trafficking survivors who would like to reclaim their trust of self, regain solid leadership of their life, embrace their intrinsic brilliance, and deeply understand themselves from a state of confidence.   

The Cornerstones of a community that helps the poor in West Virginia, called Bethlehem Farm.


Abhayadhama Human Development Center is an orphanage founded by the Brothers of Holy Cross in Bangalore, India.  The word “Abhayadhama” means "Home Without Fear,"  a place for all those who do not have a home -  a haven for the street children, where they can find food, a safe shelter and a quality education.  Featured by Catholic News Asia.

"A Future Not Our Own"

 One of the short films we developed and produced for Bethlehem Farm, a community in Appalachia that transforms lives through service with the local community and the teaching of sustainable practices.  They invite volunteers to help out in building homes for the less fortunate and to live the cornerstones of service, prayer, simplicity and community.

Featured in the National Catholic Reporter:  https://www.ncronline.org/news/earthbeat/future-not-our-own  ​​​​​​​

EGG MINISTRY (St. Edward's University, Austin TX)

A group of college students gather every week to feed the homeless in Austin, Texas.


A documentary-visual essay of a Marianist Religious Brother, his life and ministry in the city of Angels;
featuring Brother Dave Murphy, SM and his community.


Holy Cross College graduates offer their wisdom as they finish they four years of academic experience.


The story of Brother Francis Boylan, CSC, a Holy Cross Brother who works with the homeless, orphans and the poor in Michigan.       

Music by The Recycling Police                    Score by Matt Wheeler and Kevin Klowitter

THE LOCAL CUP (Same-Day-Edit)

A Volunteer run Pay-It-Forward Neighborhood Coffee Shop.

The coffee shop runs on a pay-it-forward model, so the coffee will have already been paid for by a generous neighbor! Want to pay it forward in return? Buy another neighbor’s coffee! It’s a new way to pay, but don’t worry, we make it simple.

 Best of all, they are building community, gratitude and generosity.

Congregação de Santa Cruz no Brasil (Congregation of Holy Cross in Brazil)

The ministries and the lives of Religious Men of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Brazil.


Last December of 2012, Holy Cross students went to the southern part of India for their Global Experience Program.  They were asked to write about their epiphanies on this trip, on divine moments they have experienced and the relationships they have built.  Produced by the undergraduate students at Holy Cross College.

"India" Written and performed by Khiry Hollowell and Katherine Howard.
Strings:  Shawn Tallet  Color and Motion Graphics by Jeff Kyle           Studio Interns:          Audrey Lee and Laszlo Hunyadi


 28 students from five Holy Cross Schools gathered in New Orleans to discover, empower and unite in a common mission, to bring hope to others.

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