Stanley Kubrick:  “The best education in film is to make one. I would advise any neophyte director to try to make a film by himself. A three-minute short will teach him a lot. I know that all the things I did at the beginning were, in microcosm, the things I'm doing now as a director and producer."
Poūri (2017)
The Māori word for regret, remorse, and sadness.
A heart-warming story about a son and his mother, and the love and culture that bind them.  
With Sam Puefua (Fast and Furious Presents:  Hobbs and Shaw), Sisa Grey (SMILF, DC's Legend of Tomorrow), and Alyssa Bernal.  
Written and directed by Shaun Dikilato,  
Produced by Nich Perez 
Official Selection in the One Nation Film Festival
"A Philosophical Approach to Enlightenment"  (2020)
A short film about Wisdom when bad things happen.
PATE is a philosophical pseudo-documentary on why bad things happen, following a broken-hearted student and his enigmatic philosophy professor. A warm-hearted and funny take on suffering, and a reflection on the current social issues.  
Produced by Jialan Lin  
Cinematography by Shaun Dikilato 
 Animation by Crystal Jow

Official Selection in the Lift-Off Global Network and Flick Fair
Award Winner in the Tagore International Film Festival

"As We Were" (2017)
A woman remembers and fantasizes about her former lover, understanding that love transcends gender.
A film by Jialan Lin
Cinematography by Nich L. Perez
with  Jordan Knapp (The Moment I Was Alone) 
and Jan-David Soutar (Banshee)
Adulting (2018)
An exploration of modern adulthood through the lives of three millennials, navigating the journey to self-discovery in a society that questions the generation's ability to grow up. 
Directed by Dominique Sheth
Eleanore Blake and Nich L. Perez
Adulting is an exploration of the defining moments of adulthood through the stories of three millennials who are in the midst of finding their place in the world. Daniel, a young seminarian defies cultural norms by taking on a higher calling in the catholic priesthood. Eleanor, an urban gardening teacher who embraces the beauty of making a difference in everyday moments. Taylor, an aspiring fashion designer who balances chasing his dreams and being a good father and role model for his son.
Ultimately, the film is not about how adulthood is radically different for this generation than for others but that figuring out who we are is a journey that we all share and a process we are constantly growing into.

The Monk in the City
A documentary-visual essay of a Marianist Religious Brother, his life and ministry in the city of Angels.
featuring Brother Dave Murphy, SM
with Fr. Jim Heft, SM, and Fr. Ken Templin, SM of the Lalanne Community.

"Si Tu Me Olvidas" (2015)

An Adaptation of Pablo Neruda's Poetry

An old man reflects on life, love, and death through the poetry of Pablo Neruda. (With Spanish Subtitles)
Official Selection for the 2015 North by Midwest Film Festival.

Presented at the Institute of Experimental Art, Greece.

With Jim Kozak, Emily Wack and James Kiefer Szumlas. 

Dinner for 2
A silly little homage to the great Korean director, Park Chan-wook.  
An exercise in cinema, cooking and having fun.
With Mozhu Yan and Valentino Misino
Life | Worthwhile
A short film reflection on Albert Einstein's insight on happiness: "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."  These snippets are filmed from the south and northeast India, in the Cape Coast in Ghana,  around the United States from New York, Detroit, Chicago to Austin, Texas, from the north and south of Brazil, and the Philippines.  
Additional Camera:  Isamar Sorcia | Kiefer Szumlas
Produced by Dianne Barlas, D.Min.
and Music by Matt Slomski
M35 Bus 
The Clients of the several homeless shelters of Wards Island in Manhattan speak up. 
Juxtaposing the images of the dream and the current reality, this experimental film explores homelessness in New York.
The need for an efficient and free transportation system is a small part of a bigger issue.
An official selection in the (In)Justice For All Film Festival
a Film by Nich L. Perez, CSC Motion Graphics: Jeff Kyle Music: Gerard Pontino "Ambient Sky" CFTH Advocate/Additional Footage: Julian Vigo Production Manager: Tyrone Tortusa Archival Footage: Arteries of New York City, 1941. Encyclopedia Britannica Films (Public Domain) 
Special Thanks to Ed Kashi, Susan Meiselas, Elizabeth Kilroy, and Fred Ritchin. for the 2014 Photography and Human Rights Program, Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and Coalition for the Homeless, 
New York City 
A Message in the machine
An epistolary film essay on Documentary in the Post-Cinematic Age.  

A voice from an old man reaches out to nonfiction filmmakers as he reflects on their future and their legacy.  In an age where the camera becomes obsolete and stories are gathered through a database of media, what is next for the documentary filmmaker?

With clips from documentaries around the globe, the message to the filmmaker resounds to the core of why they do what they do:  their poetic search for the truth and knowledge.
Presented and Peer-reviewed at the 75th University Film and Video Association Conference.
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