Stanley Kubrick:  “The best education in film is to make one. I would advise any neophyte director to try to make a film by himself. A three-minute short will teach him a lot. I know that all the things I did at the beginning were, in microcosm, the things I'm doing now as a director and producer."

A heart-warming story about a son and his mother, and the love and culture that bind them.  

Featuring Sam Puefua, Sisa Grey and Alyssa Bernal.  Written and directed by Shaun Dikilato,  Produced by Nich Perez 

Official Selection in the One Nation Film Festival

"A Philosophical Approach to Enlightenment" Trailer

A short film about Wisdom when bad things happen.

PATE is a philosophical pseudo-documentary on why bad things happen, following a broken-hearted student and his enigmatic philosophy professor. A warm-hearted and funny take on suffering, and a reflection on the current social issues.  

Produced by Jialan Lin   Cinematography by Shaun Dikilato and Animation by Crystal Jow

Official Selection in in the Lift-Off Global Network and Flick Fair

Award Winner in the Tagore International Film Festival

"As We Were"

A woman remembers and fantasizes about her former lover, understanding that love transcends gender.

A film by Jialan Lin

Cinematography by Nich L. Perez

featuring  Jordan Knapp and Jan-David Soutar

"Si Tu Me Olvidas"

An Adaptation of Pablo Neruda's Poetry

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