This course is an immersion into the craft and science of the screenwriting process for various media platforms: from film, television, video commercials, or Internet videos, with the emphasis on the diverse fiction and narrative techniques, structures, story patterns, genres, and styles. 
Throughout the semester, students will analyze various effective screenwriting formats, and screenplays from distinguished writers as they write their screenplays.  

The goals of this course include the following:
1. to explore and analyze the work of accomplished writers directors to understand why and how their films work.
2. to understand the process of visualization using the characters, locations, conflicts and tensions, and action by breaking down films and scripted television shows
3. to understand the basics of dramaturgy and develop screenwriting techniques in application to the scripts that they will write as a requirement for this course
4. to workshop their scripts in collaboration with other writers
The final project for this course is the first 60 pages of a feature-length script or 1-hour pilot for a TV show.
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