SI TU ME OLVIDAS  "If You Forget Me"

An old man reflects on life, love and death through the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

Official Selection for the 2015 North by Midwest Film Festival

2020 Official Selection  in the 9th International Video Poetry Festival

Featuring Jim Kozak, Emily Wack and James Kiefer Szumlas.

Photography  Nich Perez and Keifer Szumlas

Directed by Nich L .Perez


A college student reflects on love, life and rejection through the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

Written by Scriptwriting Student, Noah Godfrey

Featuring Zach Stewart,  Cynthia Preston, Coady Keller and and Isamar Sorcia

Directed by Nich L .Perez

"He Loves Me, He Loves Me . . . Not."

Triggered by paranoia and a wine-induced rage, Betty confronts her photographer boyfriend about his infidelity.  A reinterpretation of the love poems of Pablo Neruda.

~ a Short Film written by Natalee Godfrey, a student in my Script Writing Course.  

This student-led film and stage production is a collaboration between the Screenwriting and Film/Stage Practicum Classes.  

Featuring Hailey Craig and Kaleb Gorban, students had an amazing time weaving narratives as a reinterpretation of the poetry of the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.

Camera Operator:  Zamyra Magallon
Producer:  Dia Blake
Editor:  Isamar Sorcia

Director and Instructor:  Nich L . Perez

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