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Viva La Cultura Podcast by Gabriella Sauceda

Introduce. Inspire. Influence. 

Living in San Antonio it’s easy for individuals to feel stuck or complacent in their way of life. By introducing new opportunities and showcasing successful artists that are just like listeners, it may inspire individuals in a completely new way. 

The Mental Game: How Athletes Train the Brain for Success by Libby Kilbride
What is The Mental Game?
The Mental Game is a sports podcast that seeks to understand how athletes use mental strategy within their sport. It will be a multi-episode with multiple seasons, with each episode looking at a different sport and the unique mental approach of the athlete(s) being interviewed. The host, Libby Kilbride, will have candid conversations with a variety of guests, from college athletes to established professionals. Mental strategy has become increasingly more recognized in the world of sport as a helpful tool that can elevate a player’s game. Physical strength and skill are important to be a successful athlete, but mental strategy can make or break an athlete, and each individual sport brings different challenges that need to be overcome.
This podcast is aimed at an audience interested in sport, as well as those who want to learn more about mental wellness. A season of the podcast could feature athletes in one sport or one area of sport (such as a season comprised of college athletes).

"Homegrown Talent" By Sophia Almendarez

 A podcast that explores the world of independent artists across America. In a landscape dominated by mainstream viral moments, the voices and stories of independent artists often struggle to be heard.

Each episode is a celebration of the creativity, resilience, and passion of unsigned musicians who are shaping the future of music and Industry.

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